The Society of Saint - Vincent of Paul founded in 1833 in France exists in Lebanon since 1860. It understands a few 1300 members distributed in 43 Conferences in the five districts of the country currently.
To the instar of the Society it helped the families everywhere else, traditionally in the need, visited the patients and prisoners and stayed up to the formation and the instruction of youth.
Confronted since 1975 to the distresses provoked by the war: destructions displacements of the populations, dramatic pauperization due to the ruin of the economy and the inflation, it had to organize themselves in order to cope, to the extent of its means, to these new problems.

Since the beginning of the war, and before even the stop of the fights in the country, the Society of Saint - Vincent of Paul–Lebanon, helped towards the reconstruction of several localities ravaged and fired, notably in the district of Akkar to the Lebanon - North.
A few 350 dwellings, stalls and shops have can be put back in state in other regions of the country.

Goal :

The Society worked through the construction and the school establishment direction to facilitate to underprivileged or orphan youngsters the access to the culture while contributing to provide them a teaching of quality.
The school technical Saint - Joseph in Dahr el- Sawan
The Society is associated with the Fathers lazaristes and the Girls of the Charity to the development of this school. She/it dispenses to close to 300 pupils, orphans or social cases, a technical teaching in the branches of electricity, the joinery and the inn
The school free Saint - Vincent of Paul, to the center socio - educational Frédéric Ozanam in Bourj-Hammoud, opened his/her/its doors in October 1992. It is called to a cultural radiance in a region of the most underprivileged of the north suburb of Beirut.
It is directed by a Jesuit priest, Dutch, also French-speaking and arabophone. The center will also consist of an accelerated professional formation school.
The Saint - Roch school
After its closing, due to a lack of means. The Saint - Roch Conference of Hazmieh takes the responsibility of the management of the school.
School help
It results in a contribution of balance to the expenses of educations and purchase of books and supplies.

To sustain a population felt by the hostilities, the field of our activities diversifies.
The Mabrouk " ouvroir " of quality embroidery, made work at them, of the out of place family mothers. The production of this ouvroir is sold in Beirut in a permanent retail outlet, situated at the center socio - educational Frédéric Ozanam and in Paris on the occasion of a yearly exhibition.

Aged people
Batroun: A home for people of the third age functions since January 1992. Inaugurated to Christmas 1991 by the Amino international president of Tarrazi, it already welcomes about thirty boarders. A clinic there their offer the indispensable cares. The house in its three floors can welcome about fifty people in rooms to two beds.
Chahtoul: Another home for aged people is in way of construction to 40 km of Beirut in the Kesrouan. Works advance with the progression of the means available financiers.

The Society opened during the war 4 clinics managed by local Conferences. They offer cares and medicines to a category of the population impoverished by a galloping inflation. These clinics are sustained by helps in shares of medicines coming from Lebanon or our abroad friends.

The center socio - educational Frédéric Ozanam in Bourj-Hammoud is called to play a cultural radiance role in the region.
It already shelters a group scout of 69 young.
A cultural space or versatile room will permit thanks to varied artistic and cultural activities the promotion of youth disfavored in this popular suburb of Beirut.
Courses of solfa are given currently to about forty youngsters of the district.
A movie theater club enlivened by the young of the center.
Summer camps
Several hundreds of underprivileged surrounding children benefit every year of a stay in mountain organized by the Society