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Fernando Daher Family



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The following photos are my relatives' pictures that came from Kobayat.

The picture Ant2a belongs to a cousin of my grandmother (Mariana Zeitune).
Unhappily we don't know her name and they glued the picture in a door picture, impeding of seeing the registrations. I am trying to restore carefully because the registrations were made by him. This cousin didn't come to Brazil, being in Kobayat and I thinks he belonged to the army.

The picture Ant1 belongs to my grandfather Miguel Daher (Makhul) and of my grandmother Marianna Daher Zeitune (Myriani), already in Brazil, in the decade of 20.

The picture Ant4 belongs to my great-grandmother Rafka Elias Zeitune (in spite of the last name Zeitune, she is my grandfather's mother Miguel).

A great hug and God blesses them.

Fernando Daher


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