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يوبيل الخمسين سنة

على سيامة الأخت ماري حبيب كرم من القبيات غوايا


يوبيل الخمسين سنة علي سيامة الأخت ماري كرم من القبيات غوايا في رهبنة الساليزيان التي اسسها القديس دون بوسكو ولها ثلاثة اديرة في لبنان في كفرياسين أدما في قرطبا وفي الكحالة.

الأخت ماري كرم

الأب حبيب كرم
الأم شفيقة زهر
الأخوة يوسف ، طنوس، سركيس، لويزا، تريزيا و سيدة
1954 دخلت الى الرهبنة كمبتدئة حيث تابعت دراساتها الكهنوتية في الشام
1957 سيمت راهبة وانتقلت الى روما ايطاليا لعدة سنوات
ثم انتقلت الى القاهرة حيث بقيت فيها 11 سنة ومن ثم انتقلت الى الإسكندرية حيث امضت فيها 6 سنوات
1976 عادت الى لبنان وبقيت فيه الى هذه الأيام حيث تنقلت بين دير دون بوسكو أدما وقرطبا والكحاله
عملت مدرسة في مدارس الرهبنة ومرشدة روحية لجمعية فرسان العذراء وللعديد من المخيمات والنشاطات الصيفية،كذلك لها الدور الكبير في ORATORIO وهي منظمة أسسها مؤسس الرهبنة دون بوسكو وتعنى بتربية الأولاد والتنشئة الروحية.


== George karam ==






The Salesian Missions

...comprised of Priests, Brothers and Sisters, care for disadvantaged youth in developing countries. We do this through education, job training and constructive recreational activities. We help youngsters achieve intellectual, emotional and spiritual maturity, thus becoming self-sufficient contributing members of society, with Christian values and good social skills.

We invite people of good will to participate in the support of our programs through their gifts and their prayers.

After World War II, the U.S. became flooded with missionaries. There were so many, in fact, that our Bishops became worried about a lack of order and accountability. Catholic religious orders were then encouraged to set up mission offices to organize works and accept donations.

The Salesian Society selected Fr. Francis O’Laughlin, who was then editor of the Salesian Bulletin, to begin the foundation of our mission office. Working with meager resources, he over saw our missionaries and developed the Salesian magazine. When Fr. O’Laughlin became ill, Fr. A.J. Louis took over as the Mission Office Director. Fr. Louis worked on organizing an office and developing a fund-raising program. He also hired very skilled lay people.


Fr. Edward Cappelletti took over the reigns of Salesian Missions in 1959. His incredible foresight and devotion to the work of Don Bosco has helped countless children throughout his 40 year career as our Director. Salesian Missions now has a presence in over 130 countries.

Bro. Emile Dubé, our current Director, and our entire staff will forever be grateful to Fr. Edward and the devoted missionaries, lay volunteers, employees, and most of all, YOU, our wonderful donors, in keeping this important work going. Most especially, the many, many children you have helped thank you!


== Article & Photos by George Youssef Karam ==