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Honoring M. Tannous Jabbour by the Brevet promotion 1967

 (8 Aug 2015)

تكريم الاستاذ طنوس جبور من قبل تلامذة البروفيه دورة 1967


(Photos & video by Angelle Sayyah Meayki)


From Monsignor Bakhos Chidiac - USA

Dear Elie,

You made my day today by posting the video and the pictures of my Brevet classmates of 1967 honoring my teacher Tannous Jabbour. I was one of the students of that class and I ranked among the top ones. Now I am a Monsignor in the Maronite church in USA holding a Ph.D. in Philosophy, a Bachelor in history and a bachelor in Theology in addition to a college degree in education. How much I wish I was present there to honor my beloved teacher Tannous who taught us science and to meet my wonderful classmates. He is a great man with the late teacher Albert Zreiby who taught us mathematic and your father Bakhos who taught us Arabic. I gazed at each picture you posted and I recognized each and every one of them by name. I am now 64 year old and as I changed throughout the years they did also. I missed some classmates and I don't know if they are still alive namely Nazek Maakey, Charbel Maarbes,  Elham Saseen, Zeina Saseen, Tony Hakmeh, George Zaitouni, Gebrael Jabbour, Gebrael Saifi, Alfred Helal (in Australia) and Josephine Nehme and I forgot the others. Please Elie, if you can convey my message to my teacher Tannous or to anyone of my classmates, I would be very thankful. I wish all of them a happy and successful life with their families.

I will remember you and your family members in my prayers.

Please say Hi to your parents.

Monsignor Bakhos Chidiac, USA