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St. Sharbel Real Pictures?

Najee Mondalek, Michigan, USA



Are those pictures real?
I found those pictures at my great grandma's house in Marjeyoun-Lebanon on December 1976 after her death. My great grandmother (Im Abdallah Dabaghi) was born in 1864 and was 106 years old when she passed away.
I've shown those pictures to many priests, monks, photographers, photo lab technicians, historians, librarians and more. Some said that's not him, others had a doubt, and some assured me that the person in those pictures is indeed St Sharbel.


The world's first photograph was taken in 1826 by Nicephore Niepce (1765-1833), and by the end of 1860 practical cameras were found all around the world. According to some historians, the first camera that existed in the Ottoman Empire (Middle East) was in 1854, that's 44 years before the death of St. Sharbel.
St. Sharbel died on Christmas Eve 1898. He spent the last 23 years of his life in the hermitage, where he passed a life of constant prayer, rarely leaving the hermitage and in all things an exemplary model of self-denial and sanctity. And, he was very well known in his region as a "Holy Man".


And the Question is:

Could the person in those pictures be St. Sharbel?

I've been trying for a long time to find out, and I made some efforts to discover the truth behind those pictures, but I never got an answer. I've been hiding those pictures for more than 26 years, and now it's time to share them with the world, maybe someone, somewhere, somehow can help me find out the mystery behind those pictures.

You can download those pictures from this website, but if you need a larger size with a higher resolution, just email me to this address: stsharbelpicts@comcast.net  and I'll be gladly sending them to you.

Please feel free to email me with any thoughts, suggestions, advises you can provide.



Najee Mondalek, Michigan, USA


Mr. Najee

I am Andree Asmar from Lebanon.

I received the pictures of st sharbel that you have.
I think they are not for real, guess it's not st sharbel for real.
Everybody knows that st sharbel had never seen anyone in person, even his own mother.

There's only ONE SINGLE picture for St Charbel which is the picture that was taken after his death near his grave. In this picture, you can see many priests who were standing next to his grave. When the filmed out the picture, they saw St Charbel standing next to them (and he was transparent like).

This picture that im talking about is now at Mar Charbel's place at ANNAYA and it's allowed for everyone to see it.

By that, was his FIRST MIRACLE...


These pictures that u still have are for an hermit priest named ANTOUN TOURBAY who was living at WADI KANNOUBIN (and guess during the few months that will come, the PAPE would state him as a SAINT.)


The TV channel TELE LUMIERE is exposing his biography nowadays.

you can contact tele lumiere:




all regards

sincerely Andree Asmar- Lebanon



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